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Announcing Omega 10

Hello Friends,

I am pleased to announce the general release of Omega 10, a Linux based operating system and a community Fedora Remix for desktop and laptop users.

It is a installable Live CD for regular PC (i686 architecture) systems. It has all the features of Fedora 10 and a number of additional multimedia players and codecs. You can play any multimedia including MP3 music or commercial DVD's out of the box.

In addition to that, a number of other useful software including Brasero media burner, OpenJDK - Free and open source Java, including the browser plugin and command line utilities like mc and powertop is packed in the Live CD and available by default.

For what's new in Fedora 10, refer to





63b8e2f0a8d14a9c4ae4bbc4b031e4ad8a98ccc8  omega-10-desktop.iso

Release Notes:


Kickstart file for your own customization is at


Enjoy Omega. Thank you for your participation and feedback.


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