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Fedora Amateur Radio SIG

Hello Fedora,

I would like to announce a new Special Interest Group in the Fedora Community, The Fedora Amateur Radio SIG or Fedora-Hams for short.

I wanted to start the SIG to get radio related software in to Fedora, as it turns out there is a bunch of this type of software in every major distro but Fedora.

We have been busy this past week submitting packages for review, most of them have been accepted and are now in Fedora, more waiting for reviews and more that still need packaging to be finished. On my FedoraPeople.org page I have a list of the packages in fedora, in review, in progress and dreams.

We have a wiki page, a mailing list hosted by FedoraUnity.org and an IRC channel (#fedora-hams) on Freenode.net. Stop in an say 'Hi'


Robert 'Bob' Jensen

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