Info about FUDCon Boston (please read)

Max Spevack mspevack at
Sun Jun 1 20:18:41 UTC 2008

Hi all,

As we begin the homestretch around finalizing FUDCon Boston, I wanted to 
clarify a few things about the importance of pre-registering, and also 
about the travel and hotel sponsorships.

FUDCon Boston has a number of constraints on its budget, including:

1) Signage at the Hynes Convention center during the two days we are 

2) Snacks and drinks at the Hynes Convention center, only for those who 
have pre-registered on the FUDCon page (and who will therefore receive 
some sort of badge).

3) Tshirts, again, only guaranteed for those who have pre-registered, 
though there may be extras, depending on the way the price points break 

4) Breakfast and lunch at the Saturday BarCamp at Boston University, 
again for those who have pre-registered.

5) Security and facilities at Boston University.

6) FUDPub (space and 1 round of drinks free).

7) Travel and hotel sponsorship, as appropriate.  We have made it a 
habit of sponsoring community travel and lodging at the last 3 
(including this one) North American FUDCons, at least.  We are doing it 
again this time.  The number of people whom we would like to sponsor is 
always higher than the number that our budget allows us to sponsor.

For FUDCon Boston, all of the sponsorships that we are doing have 
already been finalized, and I'll be re-confirming that with each person 
in the next 48 hours, but you already know who you are.

We've been able to sponsor a number of community members for this 
FUDCon, all from North America.  Since we are globalizing FUDCons this 
year, we plan to try to spend our sponsorship money on people who are 
already geographically close to each location, to maximize efficiency. 
As such, European contributors will be sponsored for the Europe FUDCon 
in September, and Asia/India/Australia contributors will be sponsored 
for the APAC FUDCon currently in planning stages for next January.

We've currently got 97 people pre-registered for FUDCon Boston, which is 
a great number, since past FUDCons have suggested that about 50 people 
show up day-of who didn't bother to pre-register.

If there are any questions about FUDCon Boston, please contact myself 
and Paul Frields.

Looking forward to seeing all of you,

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