Fedora Weekly News Issue 126

Thomas Chung tchung at fedoraproject.org
Mon Mar 31 09:58:37 UTC 2008

= Fedora Weekly News Issue 126 =

Welcome to Fedora Weekly News Issue 126 for the week of March 24th, 2008.


In Announcements, we have "F9 Beta release announcement", "Rawhide
20080328 Snapshot", "FUDCon Lodging", "Fedora Python SIG" and "Fedora
Updates System"

In Planet Fedora, we have "OS Wrangler and Server Developers still
needed", "Reviewing toolchains — publican and /cvs/docs",
"NetworkManager and mobile broadband", "Persistence of vision" and
"Seek ye students"

We are always looking for more writers to help us deliver timely
information to the Fedora community.


   1. Announcements
         1. F9 Beta release announcement
         2. Rawhide 20080328 Snapshot
         3. FUDCon Lodging
         4. Fedora Python SIG
         5. Fedora Updates System
   2. Planet Fedora
         1. OS Wrangler and Server Developers still needed
         2. Reviewing toolchains — publican and /cvs/docs
         3. NetworkManager and mobile broadband
         4. Persistence of vision
         5. Seek ye students
   3. Ambassadors
         1. Ambassador Polo Shirts
         2. Ambassador Talk at liberaMENTE
         3. LinuxTag 2008 Fedora Ambassador Day
         4. Fedora 9 Release Events Planning
   4. Infrastructure
         1. app2 rebuild
         2. Fedora CA Project
   5. Artwork
         1. Fedora Art on the Linux Action Show
         2. Final touches on waves
   6. Security Week
         1. Secure Browser?
         2. Firefox
   7. Security Advisories
         1. Fedora 8 Security Advisories
         2. Fedora 7 Security Advisories
   8. Events and Meetings
         1. Fedora Board Meeting Minutes 2008-03-25
         2. Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee Meeting 2008-03-28
         3. Fedora Marketing Meeting 2008-03-27
         4. Fedora Documentation Steering Committee Meeting 2008-03-26
         5. Fedora Packaging Committee Meeting 2008-03-25
         6. Fedora SIG KDE Meeting 2008-03-25

(Section 1)
== Announcements ==

In this section, we cover announcements from Fedora Project.


Contributing Writer: ThomasChung

=== F9 Beta release announcement ===

JesseKeating announces in fedora-announce-list[1],

"The Beta release is the point at which we really want and need the wider
community's help with testing.  Beta is a point of much greater
stability in Fedora's development branch, but some fixes continue to
occur to improve usability, performance, and stability.  This release is
great for early adopters and Linux enthusiasts!  The Fedora 9 Beta boots
on the majority of systems, and gives you an idea of how the final
Fedora 9 will look and feel.  Most importantly, we absolutely need
community assistance to check features and provide feedback and bug
reports, to help ensure that Fedora 9 is our best release ever."

[1] https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-announce-list/2008-March/msg00011.html

=== Rawhide 20080328 Snapshot ===

JesseKeating announces in fedora-announce-list[1],

"As part of our development schedule, we are releasing a snapshot of
Rawhide in iso and Live form.  We are releasing these via bittorrent
only as it is a much lighter weight method to get bits out the door than
to go through our mirroring system."

[1] https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-announce-list/2008-March/msg00013.html

=== FUDCon Lodging ===

PaulFrields announces in fedora-announce-list[1],

"As the co-organizers for the North American FUDCon F10, the illustrious
Max Spevack and I are trying to get a handle on our true hotel needs for
the event. To that end, I've made a couple changes to the FUDCon
planning page so we can gather information on who needs lodging for the

[1] https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-announce-list/2008-March/msg00014.html

=== Fedora Python SIG ===

IgnacioVazquezAbrams announces in fedora-announce-list[1],

"Come one, come all, to the brand new Fedora Project's Python SIG's
mailing list. Regardless of whether you are a newbie or a grizzled
veteran, a Sunday dabbler or a hardcore hacker, or merely curious what
this is all about, all are welcome."

[1] https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-announce-list/2008-March/msg00012.html

=== Fedora Updates System ===

StewartAdam announces in fedora-announce-list[1],

"Did you know you can help packagers test updates, give them feedback and
even prevent a faulty package from being pushed into the repositories?
The new Fedora Updates System (bodhi) integrates with the Fedora
Build System (koji) and lets any user give feedback on a specific
update, be it in updates-testing or in the stable repository."

[1] https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-announce-list/2008-March/msg00010.html

(Section 2)
== Planet Fedora ==

In this section, we cover a highlight of Planet Fedora - an
aggregation of blogs from world wide Fedora contributors.


Contributing Writers: ThomasChung

=== OS Wrangler and Server Developers still needed ===

HavocPennington points out in his blog[1],

"We've made good progress hiring UI developers and designers for LiTL.
We may hire more on the UI side in a while (please do let us know if
you'd be interested), but we have an initial team.

In the meantime we are turning our focus to a couple other positions.
See the official job descriptions and if you're interested, please
email jobs at litl com."

[1] http://log.ometer.com/2008-03.html#31

=== Reviewing toolchains — publican and /cvs/docs ===

KarstenWade points out in his blog[1],

"With all the attention on documentation toolchains in Fedora Docs, I
wanted to provide a quick scope on the differences between the
toolchain we've been using over the years, in /cvs/docs, and the
newcomer, publican."

[1] http://iquaid.org/2008/03/30/reviewing-toolchains-publican-and-cvsdocs/

=== NetworkManager and mobile broadband ===

JonStanley points out in his blog[1],

"As mentioned in previous posts, I had an outage on my home Internet
connection. With mobile broadband support in NetworkManager being a
feature of F9, I figured that I should probably test it. So, I just
plugged in my card to my Fedora 9 laptop, and up came "Auto CDMA
Network Connection" in the NetworkManager menu, selected it, and just
like that, I'm on the Internet at Sprint-speed!"

[1] http://jons-thoughts.blogspot.com/2008/03/networkmanager-and-mobile-broadband.html

=== Persistence of vision ===

PaulFrields points out in his blog[1],

"In between bouts of fighting one of my broken systems at home, I'm
trying to spend some time working on our Single Source Summary page on
the wiki. In doing that, and in talking to some other people about the
Fedora 9 Beta, I found out that some of our keen new features may not
have all the exposure they deserve — one of those is the work our
resident ninja master Jeremy Katz has done on persistence for Live

[1] http://marilyn.frields.org:8080/~paul/wordpress/?p=963

=== Seek ye students ===

KarstenWade points out in his blog[1],

"In the middle of the Summer of Code proposals process and it's been a
mixed yet mostly good experience. We still have room for more
proposals, so keep helping interested students and encourage them to
get in a proposal for Fedora or JBoss.org. We'll know at the beginning
of next week if the student deadline is extended; currently 31 March
still stands as the application deadline."

[1] http://iquaid.org/2008/03/29/seek-ye-students/

(Section 3)
== Ambassadors ==

In this section, we cover Fedora Ambassadors Project.


Contributing Writer: JeffreyTadlock

=== Ambassador Polo Shirts ===

JoergSimon announced[1] to the Ambassadors mailing list that
Ambassadors coming to Linuxtag 08 can order their Polo Shirts.  The
cost of the shirts are on the wiki, as well as the sign-up form[2].

[1] https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-ambassadors-list/2008-March/msg00152.html

[2] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/PoloShirt

=== Ambassador Talk at liberaMENTE ===

LucaFoppiano announced[1] that Francesco Crippa and he will be
participating in talks at liberaMENTA in Opera, Italy.  All are
invited to attend.  The event has been added to the FedoraEvents

[1] https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-ambassadors-list/2008-March/msg00194.html

[2] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents

=== LinuxTag 2008 Fedora Ambassador Day ===

FabianAffolter announced[1] the plans for the upcoming Fedora
Ambassador Day being held before LinuxTag.  The FAD will be held in
Berlin on May 27, 2008.  Country overviews have been requested for the
meeting.  A page[2] has been added to the wiki for additional

[1] https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-ambassadors-list/2008-March/msg00212.html

[2] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD/FADLinuxTag2008

=== Fedora 9 Release Events Planning ===

FrancescoUgolini has announced[1] the brainstorming session for Fedora
9 release events.  This is in preparation for organizing release
parties near the Fedora 9 release time.  If you have ideas and
suggestions for activities at the release parties, please contribute
to the Release Events wiki page[2].

[1] https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-ambassadors-list/2008-March/msg00215.html

[2] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/ReleaseEvents

(Section 4)
== Infrastructure ==

This section contains the discussion happening on the


Contributing Writer:  HuzaifaSidhpurwala

=== app2 rebuild ===

MikeMcGrath writes[1] on fedora-infrastructure-list

Mike is going to rebuild app2 and stick some of our tg apps on there.
Seth brought up an excellent point earlier in that our tg apps aren't
really using any x86_64 code but the python objects they create can
be 2-3x larger in memory.  Since most of our performance issues with
these apps is memory bloat (and ultimate swap) Mike is  going to build
it as an i686 box, and then compare memory foot prints after a week or

[1] https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-infrastructure-list/2008-March/msg00147.html

=== Fedora CA Project ===

DennisGilmore writes[1] on fedora-infrastructure-list

We have come to the realisation that this has to be done sooner rather
than later.  So Dennis put a call to revamp the CA infrastructure used
in fedora[2].

[1] https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-infrastructure-list/2008-March/msg00155.html

[2] https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/466

(Section 5)
== Artwork ==

In this section, we cover Fedora Artwork Project.


Contributing Writer: NicuBuculei

=== Fedora Art on the Linux Action Show ===

The Fedora Art Team leader, MairinDuffy, was interviewed in for the
latest edition of the Linux Action Show[1], a segment about 20 minutes
long, covering the status of the Fedora 9 graphics, the team
organisation and projects, its relations with the larger Fedora
project and with Red Hat and much more. The interview was not very
prominent in the Fedora universe and the team busy with nailing the
last details of the upcoming theme, so NicuBuculei express his
satisfaction about interview's outcome on the list[2].

[1] http://www.linuxactionshow.com/?p=176 (start at minute 25:00)

[2] https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-art-list/2008-March/msg00194.html

=== Final touches on waves ===

MatthiasClasen, from the Desktop team asks[1] about the status of the
Fedora 9 art, considering the release schedule and the short remaining
time. He is pointed[2] to the wiki[3], where the graphics resides and
final versions have landed for almost all graphics: Syslinux,
Anaconda, GRUB, Firstboot, RHGB. Only the desktop wallpaper and the
GNOME splash screen (which is not shown by default anyway) needs some
more touches.

[1] https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-art-list/2008-March/msg00204.html

[2] https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-art-list/2008-March/msg00208.html

[3] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/F9Themes/Waves/Round3Final

(Section 6)
== Security Week ==

In this section, we highlight the security stories from the week in Fedora.

Contributing Writer: JoshBressers

=== Secure Browser? ===

I ran across a story last week about researchers creating a secure web

It seems there is work being done on a new secure web browser.  The
authors think that the current browsers suffer from fundamental design
flaws that cannot be overcome.  The notable thing is that from reading
the article it's Open Source software being used.  As the current
offerings such as XULRunner and WebKit will allow various third
parties to easily create niche browsers such as this.  While this
browser will likely never become a mainstream offering, it is nice
that it can fill a hole in the current offerings.

[1] http://www.eweek.com/index2.php?option=content&task=view&id=47212&pop=1&hide_ads=1&page=0&hide_js=1

=== Firefox ===

Firefox[1] was released this week.  There's not much to say
beyond, make sure you're running it.

[1] http://www.mozilla.org/projects/security/known-vulnerabilities.html#firefox2.0.0.13

(Section 7)
== Security Advisories ==

In this section, we cover Security Advisories from fedora-package-announce.


Contributing Writer: ThomasChung

=== Fedora 8 Security Advisories ===

 * php-pear-PhpDocumentor-1.4.1-2.fc8  -
 * Miro-1.1.2-2.fc8  -
 * yelp-2.20.0-8.fc8  -
 * epiphany-2.20.3-2.fc8  -
 * gtkmozembedmm-1.4.2.cvs20060817-19.fc8  -
 * ruby-gnome2-0.16.0-21.fc8  -
 * gnome-python2-extras-2.19.1-13.fc8  -
 * epiphany-extensions-2.20.1-6.fc8  -
 * liferea-1.4.13-2.fc8  -
 * galeon-2.0.4-1.fc8.3  -
 * devhelp-0.16.1-6.fc8  -
 * gnome-web-photo-0.3-9.fc8  -
 * openvrml-0.17.5-4.fc8  -
 * chmsee-1.0.0-1.30.fc8  -
 * kazehakase-0.5.3-5.fc8  -
 * firefox-  -
 * blam-1.8.3-14.fc8  -
 * namazu-2.0.18-1.fc8  -
 * Perlbal-1.70-1.fc8  -

=== Fedora 7 Security Advisories ===

 * chmsee-1.0.0-1.30.fc7  -
 * devhelp-0.13-15.fc7  -
 * epiphany-2.18.3-8.fc7  -
 * epiphany-extensions-2.18.3-8  -
 * firefox-  -
 * galeon-2.0.3-16.fc7  -
 * gtkmozembedmm-1.4.2.cvs20060817-16.fc7  -
 * Miro-1.1.2-2.fc7  -
 * gnome-python2-extras-2.14.3-9.fc7  -
 * kazehakase-0.5.3-5.fc7  -
 * liferea-1.4.13-2.fc7  -
 * openvrml-0.16.7-4.fc7  -
 * ruby-gnome2-0.16.0-22.fc7  -
 * yelp-2.18.1-10.fc7  -
 * namazu-2.0.18-1.fc7  -
 * Perlbal-1.70-1.fc7  -

(Section 8)
== Events and Meetings ==

In this section, we cover event reports and meeting summaries from
various Projects and SIGs.

Contributing Writer: ThomasChung

=== Fedora Board Meeting Minutes 2008-03-25 ===

 * http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Board/Meetings/

=== Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee Meeting 2008-03-28 ===

 * http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/Meetings/

=== Fedora Marketing Meeting 2008-03-27 ===

 * http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/Meetings/Minutes

=== Fedora Documentation Steering Committee Meeting 2008-03-26 ===

 * http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/SteeringCommittee/Meetings/Minutes

=== Fedora Packaging Committee Meeting 2008-03-25 ===

 * http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/Minutes

=== Fedora SIG KDE Meeting 2008-03-25 ===

 * http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/KDE/Meetings/

Thomas Chung

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