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Tue May 13 21:53:22 UTC 2008

As everyone probably knows, the Fedora Board is moving into an election
season due to the release of another Fedora.  In advance of the
election, Red Hat appoints one seat, and the final seat is appointed
afterward to make sure the Board is fairly balanced to represent the
Board's many constituents.

In addition, to fix our scheduling so that only half the Board is
turning over at each election cycle, Red Hat has agreed to extend one
appointment by a single release of Fedora (or about six months).
Karsten Wade will remain in his current seat on the Fedora Board until
just after Fedora 10.  At that point, Red Hat has the option to appoint
someone else to his seat.

Red Hat has named Harald Hoyer, a Senior Software Engineer in Red Hat's
Stuttgart office, to occupy one of the two open appointed seats.  Harald
brings with him a wealth of experience as a maintainer of everything
from the CD and DVD toolsets to the Bluetooth stack and udev.  I'm sure
the entire Fedora community will join me in welcoming Harald to the
Board.  Harald -- good to have you aboard!

Harald and the rest of the new Board will join us for their first
meeting around July 1st.

Furthermore, I'd like to say how great it's been to work with Steve
Dickson and Seth Vidal, both appointed Board members who are vacating
their seats this cycle.  They've been invaluable in helping the Board
consider policy and guidance issues for Fedora, some of them subtle and
controversial.  The work is sometimes thankless, but these guys make it
much more pleasant through their can-do attitudes (and frequent good
humor).  I'd also like to point out that they are both free to run in
elections like any Fedora community member, and I hope they will both
consider doing so.

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