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Wiki Migration (Tuesday 05-26-2008)

Hello Fedora Universe!  It is my pleasure to announce that starting on
Tuesday http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/ will be run by Mediawiki instead
of Moin.  Why bother announcing this to everyone?  Well there are a couple
of reasons.

 1) It will require work from people.  There was no viable migration
script so we basically had to adapt one in house.  It has a lot of bugs
but was much better then our initial plan of asking everyone and copy and
paste from the old wiki!  If you see something that is broken on the wiki,
please fix it.

 2) A lot of behaviors have changed between mediawiki and moin.  Here's a
quick list of things you need to know!

    - Log in with your FAS username.  We no longer use WikiName
        (obtain one at https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/ )
    - You will need to MANUALLY move your old home page to the new location
        of /wiki/User:username.  For example, I will have to move:
        Mediawiki will handle redirects properly, this shouldn't result
        in broken links.
    - Your list of watch pages will _NOT_ be migrated over.  This is
        because mediawiki does not support regex like Moin.
    - Page restrictions - The ACL system is now controlled by the admin
        team.  If you find an ACL you had put in place no longer works,
        please contact admin fedoraproject org or stop by #fedora-admin
        on irc.freenode.net
    - html is no longer allowed.  Due to security concerns (that also
        existed in Moin) raw HTML will no longer be allowed.
    - Attachments in mediawiki are all stored in one location.  They have
        been migrated.  As an example, if the old attachment was at:
            ./Marketing/Flyer/ attachment:fc6_front.png
        The new location for it is:
    - You can browse all attachments and images at:
    - The old wiki will still be available at
        http://fedoraproject.org/wikiold/ for a while after the
        migration just in case.

Whew!  That's a lot of change.  But this will ultimately all be for the
better.  Mediawiki's rich plugin environment and proven ability to scale
will alleviate many of our current wiki pains.  I'd like to thank ricky,
ianweller, G, ivazquez and smooge for helping in packing, new css, testing
and pretty much everything about the migration that has worked well.  If
you have any hate mail to send about the migration script, that comes
straight to me :)

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  The wiki is
such a critical piece of Fedora's infrastructure we want to make sure that
after the migration it and everyone gets up to speed as quickly as
possible.  Happy wiki-ing!


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