Reminder of Fedora 8 end-of-life

Jon Stanley jonstanley at
Thu Nov 27 05:34:01 UTC 2008

As a reminder, Fedora has a policy of ending maintenance for a release
one month after the release of Fedora N+2 (i.e. Fedora 8 maintenance
would end one month after Fedora 10 was released).  In this instance,
that date would be December 25.

At today's FESCo meeting [1], it was decided to slightly deviate from
this policy.   This decision was made in order to avoid having it
happen over the holidays, since according to policy, EOL would have
been on Christmas Day.

It was therefore decided to extend the end-of-life date of Fedora 8 to
Jan 7, 2009. After this time, there will be no more updates, including
security updates, issued for Fedora 8, and new builds will no longer
be allowed in koji, our buildsystem.

Also at or shortly after that time, all bugs open against Fedora 8
will be closed, since no more updates will be made.



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