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The Big ACL Opening

So, as most of you have probably heard, we are now on a two-tiered access system for CVS. The final change which we will be making is the mass ACL open.

What will happen is all packages which are now set to be private, accessible by their maintainers and a few specific individuals only, will be opened up to all ├╝berpackager members. Members of ├╝berpackager represent a filtered minority of CVS comitters, but membership is easy to come by for anyone that asks.

Now the important part: IF YOU DO NOT WANT THIS CHANGE MADE TO YOUR PACKAGE you must opt out by logging into pkgdb, going to your package's page, and unchecking the "Open package during mass ACL open?" checkbox.

Please don't do this.

If you're anxious about the idea, please discuss it here, as it really is better for the community for us to behave more openly.

The opening is in 2 weeks. We'll poke again in the intervening time.


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