Announcing Fedora Sugar Spin!

Sebastian Dziallas sebastian at
Thu Oct 30 21:33:12 UTC 2008

Hi everybody,

I'm proud to be announce the availability of our Fedora Sugar Spin, 
which incorporates the Sugar Desktop Environment on a Fedora Live CD.

So, what is this in specific? With this spin, you'll be able to run 
Sugar, which is developed by Sugarlabs and the desktop environment used 
on the OLPC, directly from a Live CD! You'll find several activities on 
the image including most notably...

* sugar-browse - a web browsing activity based on xulrunner
* sugar-write - a word processor based on abiword

...among with several other applications introducing e.g. chat support.

We, the OLPC SIG, will be importing further activities into Fedora, 
which might be installed using 'yum install sugar-*' at a later time.

Where can you get it? Easily, here:

Here's the SHA1 checksum, just if you're interested:

    f032ab45aa116c2728dcd2d676e29a5ee114fd1d  sugar-spin.iso

And what if you wanted to put it quickly onto your USB Key? Even easier! 
You'll just need to grab Luke Macken's liveusb-creator, which already 
includes support for the Sugar Spin. Here's the link:

Thank you everybody, who made this possible!


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