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Omega 10 released

We proudly present to you, dear users with Omega. Omega is a Linux based operating system suitable for desktop and laptop users. It is a Live CD for regular PC (i686 architecture) systems that includes a variety of free and open source software from Fedora and Livna repository. You can try it out on a computer or install it to the hard disk. This is a BETA release with a snapshot of the latest bleeding edge development packages for early testing and feedback. It is roughly similar to the upcoming Fedora 10 Beta release.


* GNOME 2.23 Desktop Environment

* Firefox 3.0 Web Browser

* A variety of media players including vlc, mplayer and xine

* Extra Gstreamer and xine multimedia codecs

Get Omega


You can verify this ISO image using SHA1SUM available at



If you have any feedback or wish to help, do let me know.


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