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Omega (Boxer) Fedora Remix


Omega is a completely free and open source Linux based operating system
and a Fedora remix suitable for desktop and laptop users. It is a
installable Live image for regular PC (i686 architecture) systems. It
has all the features of Fedora and number of additional software
including multimedia players and codecs by default. Omega plays any
multimedia content (including MP3) or commercial DVD's out of the box.
It also has the full Openoffice.org office suite plus extra utilities
and games.

Omega (Boxer) release is a remix of Fedora 12 and includes all the
updates till Monday 14th of December 2009 from Fedora, RPM Fusion and
Livna repositories.  Adobe repository is also enabled by default for
convenience but no software is installed from that repository by default.

It is a 1.3 GB Live image and you can simply use dd in Linux or the
cross platform Fedora Live USB creator to create a Live USB.

Download it from


Thanks to the entire Fedora community.


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