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FUDCon Berlin 2009

Hi there Fedorans,

In September 2008, we had an excellent FUDCon in Brno (credit to the local team there, led by Radek Vokal, who helped to make the event happen. Feedback about FUDCon Brno was all incredibly positive, and we'll bring FUDCon back to Brno for sure. However, the one thing that we heard was to make sure that we move the event around Europe, to encourage folks from all over the region to attend.

Therefore, the Fedora Project is pleased to announce that our next Fedora Users and Developers Conference (FUDCon) will take place in Berlin from June 26 - 28, 2009.

This year in Berlin, we are partnering with LinuxTag -- one of the largest FOSS events in Europe -- to help make FUDCon happen this year.

LinuxTag takes place from Wednesday June 24 - Saturday June 27, and FUDCon will take place from Friday the 26th - Sunday the 28th, meaning that there will be two days of overlap during which a large number of people who would otherwise never attend a FUDCon will have a chance to see Fedora up close, and in great detail.

FUDCon will consist of:

* pre-scheduled technical and user-focused talks on Friday and Saturday.

 * a "BarCamp" on one of the days of the event.

* two days of hackfests, focusing on Fedora 12 and upstream projects that are important to the Fedora Project.

 * a social event.


The purpose of this message is:

(0) To give people general information about this year's event.


(1) To encourage people to pre-register for the event, because this helps us tremendously with our planning.


We are working on a hotel deal that will allow us to have a huge block of double rooms at a reasonable price. Please stay tuned for lodging information regarding FUDCon.

(2) To ask that anyone who is interested in giving a talk at FUDCon sign up.



I think that the wiki pages are pretty clear, and I hope that this email has been informative as well. If there are any questions about FUDCon, or about anything related to Fedora or community activities in the EMEA region, please don't hesitate to send me an email.


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