New meeting logging facility available

Jon Stanley jonstanley at
Thu Jul 9 01:34:38 UTC 2009

This evening, Kevin Fenzi and I finished the integration of the
supybot plugin MeetBot into our beloved zodbot (for those that don't
know, zodbot is a very useful bot on the freenode IRC network, which
provides a number of services for Fedora contributors).

This plugin was developed by our friends over at Debian, who are using
it to record their meetings as well.  We would like all Fedora
meetings to be recorded using this mechanism, such that there's one
format for all of the logs.  Complete documentation can be found at, and a summary of important commands is

Some limitations right now are that it does not post to the wiki, it
only logs to flat files on the server hosting zodbot.  These files are
available at - the format (as of this
evening) for the layout of these files is <channel>/<date>/<time-based

This plugin will work in any channel in which zodbot is present.  If
your team would like zodbot in your channel (it should be in most
already), ping ricky, jds2001 (me), or nirik in #fedora-admin and
we'll get him right over there!

Some important commands:

#startmeeting <topic> -  this starts a meeting about whatever topic
you provide. The person running this command is automatically given
chair powers.

#chair - provide a space separated list of chairs for the meeting.
These all have equal powers. You may not need more than one.

#topic - this sets the sub-topic for the meeting - i.e. what you're
talking about that moment.  This is used to organize the minutes.
Only a chair can use this command.

#agreed - this command can be used by chairs in order to denote
something that was agreed upon during the meeting

#action - this records an action item from the meeting.  If a nick is
present, it is assigned to that person in the minutes (note - it only
knows about nicks which have spoken to that point.  For instance, if I
weren't at the meeting and you just assigned an action item to me, it
wouldn't come out that way in the minutes.   The workaround for this
would be to use #nick to make the nick known).

#endmeeting - ends the meeting and prints URL's to the logs and
minutes of the meeting.

As always, feel free to let me know if you have questions or problems
using zodbot!


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