Announcing LXDE Fedora Remix 11

Rahul Sundaram metherid at
Mon Jun 15 18:33:30 UTC 2009


I am pleased to announce the community remix of Fedora 11 with LXDE as
the default desktop environment.  It is available for download at 

Release Notes:

It is a Live CD with LXDE as the default desktop environment.   LXDE is
a new light weight desktop environment.  Refer to for
more details. This Live CD is only available for Intel compatible 32-bit
systems currently. Is is a 594 MB ISO image and the SHA256 checksum is


The Live CD uses Ext4 filesystem by default and the default partition
setup creates a separate small 200 MB /boot partition formatted as Ext3
since GRUB boot loader in Fedora 11 doesn't support Ext4 yet.  You can
customize the partition scheme however since the Live CD essentially
transfers a complete image to the hard disk, it isn't possible to choose
a different filesystem. More details at

Post-installation on first boot, you have the option to register your
system using Smolt System profiler. Please do so that we know how many
active users are using this remix at

The kickstart file used to create the Live CD is available for your
review and customization at

Send your questions and feedback to fedora-list


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