Announcing Fedora Activity Day - Fedora Development Cycle 2009

Jesse Keating jkeating at
Fri May 29 20:57:11 UTC 2009

We're announcing a Fedora Activity day coming up very very soon
(apologies for the short notice).  This activity day is for maintainers,
QA, and release engineering folks to meet and discuss ongoing issues
with the Fedora Development Cycle and to create a proposal on how to fix
many of the issues.  Note, this is not an event to decide on a solution,
it is an event to decide on a proposal, which will then be shared with
the whole community for more input and work.

The timing of this is very short, so that we may have a chance at
changing something within the Fedora 12 development cycle.  Funding for
the event was only confirmed a day or two ago, hence the late notice.
If unable to attend (which most will be) but highly interested in
helping with the process, we will be attempting to setup a Fedora Talk
conference room to use throughout the event, as well as an IRC channel.
We'll try to blog the process as well and gather feedback to be used
during the event.

If you will be able to attend in person, please add your name to the
wiki page [1] so that we can properly plan the space needed within RHT.

While the wiki page says that the page is still under construction, the
dates are solid, the hours during the day are mostly solid, and the
location (one of the RHT buildings) is solid.

Please feel free to use the discussion page on the wiki to express your
thoughts about the event and what problems you're having with the
development cycle.  Even thoughts on the initial proposal I drew up at
the bottom of the wiki page would be welcome, although I do believe that
this event will result in a proposal different from what is currently

Again we apologize for the short notice!

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- Freedom² is a feature!
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