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Howdy Fedora friends and neighbors,

Here's an update on the upcoming FUDCon in Toronto, being held
December 5-7.  Before the details, I want to give some special thanks
and recognition to Chris Tyler of Seneca College in Toronto for his
continued, invaluable assistance in setting up FUDCon.  His help made
it possible to establish a lot of these logistics while we were also
preparing for Fedora presence at the Red Hat Summit last week.  Thanks

You'll find a lot of the details up at the FUDCon wiki page here:


FUDCon is free and open to *everyone* to attend.  The wiki page is
chock full of details, but if you'd rather see the highlights now,
just read on...

* * *

- -------------
In the spirit of transparency and openness, we're trying to make the
planning process of FUDCon as easy to participate in as possible. Edit
the wiki pages and let us know what you would like to see, join the
discussion list at
https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/fudcon-planning, and
join us every Thursday at 2000 UTC (4:00pm US Eastern) in IRC Freenode
at #fudcon-planning for FUDCon planning meetings.

- ----------------
We are holding FUDCon from Saturday through Monday, December 5-7.  The
first day, Saturday, will be the day of technical sessions.  The
second and third days will be hackfest days where people can gather to
work on some of the projects they've seen on Saturday, or anything
near and dear to their heart.

We'll maintain a wiki listing of everything going on, updated
throughout the event to provide timely information on what's happening
where, when, and with whom.  At any time you'll be able to visit the
page at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Toronto_2009 to see all
the details.

- ----------------
Pre-registration is now open on the main FUDCon wiki page:


Remember that although you're not required to pre-register, when you
do pre-register for the event you're eligible to receive a special
gift at the sign-in desk at FUDCon.  There will probably be a limit to
the number of people we can pre-register, so sign up today!

But don't worry -- if you miss pre-registration, remember that FUDCon
as always is *free and open* for anyone to attend.  We are happy to
have anyone attend, learn, participate, and contribute.

- -------
We've secured rooms at the very comfortable Hilton Garden Inn
Toronto/Vaughan, with a single/double occupancy rate of CDN $105/night
(currently about USD $98).  We've also secured discount vouchers for
the daily breakfast buffet to further help contain attendees' costs.
Visit this pre-set URL to register at the hotel:


  ** NOTE: Our name is misspelled as "FEDCon" at the registration
     page, a simple snafu with the hotel.  We're working on getting it
     fixed ASAP!

You don't have to wait for FUDCon pre-registration to register at the
hotel.  If you are looking to room-share and don't have a roommate,
you'll be able to mark that on the pre-registration and we'll do an
assignment for you.

- ------------------
Not all of the technical sessions will be in the BarCamp format at
FUDCon this year.  That's a change from previous formats.  Some will
be pre-selected so that we can make sure to cover a wide variety of
audience interests, since we frequently have more talks proposed than
available space.

*NOW* is the time to start adding content!  Go to this URL and add your
talk now:


- ------
Ah, the world-(in)famous FUDPub!  We are reserving a large party space
at Dave & Busters (http://daveandbusters.com) which happens to be
walking distance from the hotel.  Yes, even in December in Toronto!
We'll gather there for billiards, snooker, general merriment, and of
course access to their midway full of entertainment.  We'll provide
dinner and non-alcoholic beverages for pre-registrants.  The venue
also has a wide variety of additional libations available for those so

Ah, but don't party *too* hard, because starting the next day we'll

- ---------
As always, we will feature plenty of hacking -- design work, coding,
documentation, general brainstorming, planning -- going on throughout
the hackfest days Sunday and Monday.  If you hear about something you
like on the technical session day, chances are you'll be able to sit
down with people on Sunday and Monday, learn more, and hack on it!

If you're presenting a technical session, give some serious
consideration to how you can make your subject matter hackable.  Then
invite people to get together with you the next day to work on it!

You can start by adding information about your hackfest in advance.
Visit this URL and add what you'll be working on:


More information will be forthcoming as it develops!

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