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Re: non-desktop art?

Máirín Duffy wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> Michael Thomas wrote:
>> I tried asking this on #fedora-art, but it seems quite over there
>> right now.
>> Is there any interest from the Fedora art community in helping out with
>> artwork for some of the Fedora games?  Or is that outside the charter of
>> this group?
> Do you mean the gnome games? What games are you talking about specifically?
> Pretty much anything art-related is fair game. We've even got some
> 'marketing' artwork for the CD-ROMs (thanks Nicu :) ).
> ~m
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There's one developer who is still working on a game, but does intend to
package it for FE.  The Games SIG has already offered him help with his
software development.  Unfortunately, he has had some trouble getting
images to use in his game.  I thought that f-a-l might be able to help
out by providing him with some open-source images that he could use
instead of trying to relicense images from other games.  See the thread
on f-e-l for more info:

A second game that could use a lot of help is freedoom, a freely
redistributable set of replacement game files for Doom2.  The freedoom
project has produce quite a lot of content already, but is missing some
sprites for several of the monsters later in the game.  freedoom has
already been packaged for FE, but the missing sprites make for an odd
experience on some of the later levels when you get attacked by a
floating text box in the air that reads "Freedoom missing graphic". :)

We've already packaged two Doom file editors in FE, yadex and deutex,
that can help merge new sprites into game files, so all we really need
are the images themselves.


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