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Re: non-desktop art?

Cross-posting to f-g-l due to relevance:

Nicu Buculei wrote:
> Máirín Duffy wrote:
>> Michael Thomas wrote:
>>> Is there any interest from the Fedora art community in helping out with
>>> artwork for some of the Fedora games?  Or is that outside the charter of
>>> this group?
>> Do you mean the gnome games? What games are you talking about
>> specifically?
> Yesterday when i learned about the games SIG i was hit about an idea: is
> some interest on personalizing the look of Gnome games? I realize this
> is somewhat contrary to the desire of staying as close as possible to
> upstream.
> I just started to feel the taste of modifying graphics on those games
> with Gnome 2.14 which have my graphics as default in gnobots and my
> playing cards on gnome-games-extras.
> Ideas for such personalization:
> - a set of stones in Same Gnome featuring the infinity symbol from the
> logo;
> - the back of the playing cards being in Fedora's blue.

I think this is a fine idea.  From what I can tell, installing a new
same-gnome theme is just a matter of dropping a new .png file into
/usr/share/gnome-games/same-gnome/themes.  Other gnome games are
probably just as easy to re-theme.

I can see two ways to add the additional themes.  The preferred method
would be to submit them upstream and get them included in the original
upstream package.  This would simplify the packaging and installation
process greatly.

If, for whatever reason, upstream is not receptive to adding new themes,
then we can make a new 'gnome-games-themes' package that contains the
new themes.  The advantage of using a separate package is that new
themes could be added without having to coordinate with upstream
gnome-games releases.

I would welcome new themes for these games and would be willing to help
coordinate with upstream or package them separately as needed.


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