[FC7 theme proposal] Flying High with Fedora 7 - Round 2

Máirín Duffy duffy at redhat.com
Wed Dec 13 02:23:38 UTC 2006

Hi John,

John Baer wrote:
> To your list I added optional artwork for a gimp splash, open office
> splash, and the cd/dvd cover/jewel case. A total 18 images.

Is it ok if I rearrange the flying high wiki pages a little bit?

I don't think we're really ready in round 2 to break out into the 
different images for grub, rhgb, gdm, etc. I think we need to focus on 
getting some nice basic artwork submissions. But now it's harder to do 
that for Flying High - the original submission page says at the top 
we're not supposed to edit it.

Could we take the pages that are broken out and hide them behind a 
subpage for round 3 and create a new round 2 submission page?


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