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Fri Dec 15 20:13:48 UTC 2006

* Andrea Cimitan (2006-12-13 02:59 nil) said:
> I am thinking on a theme similar to Suse's Gilouche, but obviusly with
> different colorscheme. Gilouche is easy on the eyes and users can use
> it for month without being annoyed by it.
> Ideas, suggestions?

I have been using MurrinaGilouche for quite sometime. I like the theme
because it looks clean, all fonts are very clear and very easy on my
eyes. Some other Murrine themes are nice but my eyes get tired after a
short time. I put this the first priority when choosing a theme.

You might want to chat with Andy Fitz. I learned from Máirín Duffy:

,----[ ]
| I think for gtk2 we are probably going to stick with
| Clearlooks. Clearlooks is getting some features that give it the
| glossiness Murrine has, and it's also the GNOME upstream theming
| engine. Andy Fitzsimon put together a Murrine theme that has very
| very nice Fedora colors, and I think he's working on porting it to
| Clearlooks.

* Andrea Cimitan (2006-12-15 20:35 +0100) said:
>> Just wanted to follow-up that the "Colors" section of  
>> is at a
>> usable state...I've added the 4 additional grays (named Metallic)
>> that play a big part in defining Echo's look and feel.
>> Once again, thank you Ben for compiling the colors.

> The "Echo" colors are absolutely bad for a gtk2 theme... IMHO.

GTK theme looks to me does not require many colors, so you can be as
creative as you like, as long as the theme fits in.

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