Art Team FC7 Progress So Far - Community Feedback

John Baer baerjj at
Tue Dec 19 23:19:57 UTC 2006

Mirn Duffy wrote:

> > - "Why are Fedora themes so dark? I'll like to see shinning themes,
> > bright themes, not obscure or nightly! Dark backgrounds make
> dificult to
> > be seen with detail on some older monitors, for instance. They look
> to
> > dark-blue almost-black."
> This is by far the most common response whenever there is a new
> release
> and a set of backgrounds. Is it possible to have a dash of color ?
> Light, pastel colors that might go well with a cheerful aspect of FC ?

I do not understand the issue? IMO the flying high theme is not dark and
does present a light and cheerful FC.

IMO the blue background used by the RHGB program is rich and displays

Are there other choices we should be considering?


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