Fedora 7 Art Plan (was Art Team FC7 Progress So Far - Community Feedback)

Máirín Duffy duffy at redhat.com
Thu Dec 21 04:39:04 UTC 2006

Hello Diana,

Diana Fong wrote:
> John Baer wrote:
>> Can you give us some guidance as to where we are in the process? Do you
>> want to open our work up for suggestions by posting an entry in the
>> forum?

> Hello John, et al.
> As this seems to be the current Fedora 7 schedule [1].  I'd like for the 
> graphics to be mostly completed by February 12th, in time for Test2.  

That's good, since that's the deadline *I* set two weeks ago.

> This will give David Zeuthen and others enough time to integrate the 
> graphics.  "Mostly completed" means that there is: 1) a set look and 2) 
> coverage of all the pieces indicated on the ReleaseGraphics [3] wiki in 
> that style.  Of course, minor polish can be accepted until Test3.
> So how do we get there?
> The FlyingHigh theme [2] proposed by John Baer has the greatest 
> potential and interest.  Time is short and there is still more 
> exploration I would like to see within the theme so I'm declaring this 
> the official theme for Fedora 7. 

Under what authority?


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