[Fwd: [Fedora Project Wiki] Update of "Artwork/ReleaseGraphics" by DianaFong]

Diana Fong dfong at redhat.com
Thu Dec 21 15:44:48 UTC 2006

Máirín Duffy wrote:
> May I ask *why* we now have two pages for essentially the same thing?
> I was under the impression that the second page was created as a draft 
> to merge so I took the time to merge the two since they had a lot of 
> redundant information. Now there's two pages again.
> I just don't understand.
> ~m 

As per my original email in introducing the ReleaseGraphics page [1], I 
believe paragraph three explains: 1) my creation of a new page, 2) why I 
had not overwritten the ThemingOverview page, and 3) a proposal for what 
the ThemingOverview page could be for.  Nobody objected, rather...Rahul 
commented that it made sense [2], and you yourself suggested linking it 
to the front Artwork page [3].

Hope this clarifies any misunderstandings.


Diana Fong
Red Hat
Visual Designer | Desktop Group

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