[Fwd: [Fedora Project Wiki] Update of "Artwork/ReleaseGraphics" by DianaFong]

Máirín Duffy duffy at redhat.com
Fri Dec 22 01:40:09 UTC 2006

Diana Fong wrote:
> Máirín Duffy wrote:
>> Diana Fong wrote:
>> Also word-for-word notes that I wrote for the ThemingOverview page 
>> somehow leaked in (eg notes on testing GDM themes) and were 
>> miscredited. Don't worry though, I've removed my contributions so you 
>> don't have to worry about that anymore.
> Looks like you missed a few.
>> (1) that's not the way wikis work, if you've signed the CLA you don't 
>> need permission to make modifications and improvements to pages,
>> (2) the specifications you contributed yourself had errors so 
>> obviously you're not fact and error-checking before you post things 
>> (check the history of ReleaseGraphics) and you did not discuss your 
>> plan with the list before going ahead and just doing it,
>> (3) there are others on the list perfectly capable of fact-checking 
>> with either RH package maintainers or upstream package maintainers. 
>> Creating and discussing theme elements and their specifications is not 
>> that complicated. I've discussed GDM theme issues with Brian Cameron, 
>> the upstream maintainer of GDM, and discovered our themes up to this 
>> point have had accessibility issues we should address for FC7. This is 
>> an open community and people aren't really that hard to get a hold of.
> In (1) you say permission isn't needed and then in (2) you say i needed 
> to check before doing.  I checked information with the people directly 
> involved with taking the graphics on the Desktop team for our specific 
> distro. Fact-checking by others is fine, but as I also follow these 
> specs for RHEL graphics and the last two FC releases, it would be 
> advantageous to check with me and our engineers as we are the people 
> responsible for the end product.  And if, as you say in (3) is true, 
> that this is an open community and people aren't really that hard to get 
> a hold of, then it should not be a problem.
>>> Being that this directly relates to my role within Red Hat's Desktop 
>>> Group (as I go through this process several times for RHEL releases) 
>>> I will ultimately be the one responsible for providing the team with 
>>> the necessary usable graphics. Therefore, if the creator
>>> follows the specs I've complied on that page, I would be responsible 
>>> in seeing that it works for the engineers and any errors would not be 
>>> of the creator who had followed my recommendations.
>> I don't really see how that has anything to do with these wiki pages. 
>> Ok, so you want us community folk to submit art that makes it easier 
>> for you to prepare to hand it off to the engineers. That's cool. Why 
>> not do this on the community-created and contributed page on the wiki 
>> rather than creating your own bubble?
> If also by submitting patches for applications you are also making it 
> easier for the maintainer...then yes, I want for there to be as little 
> incompatibility and missing images as possible when I approve the images 
> and hand it off to the engineers.  It's no different than when 
> submitting source code patches to a project maintainer; there's review 
> and ping-pong to ensure that it fits in with the rest of the codebase.  
> My own bubble is comprised of the Red Hat Desktop Engineers which, like 
> myself, have themed several releases.  All the information combined to 
> make ReleaseGraphics was to provide the Fedora Artists with a better 
> understanding of what is needed by people who do this regularly.
>>> And so with deviations and personal comments, I take responsibility 
>>> of the content of the page with Release Graphic information separate 
>>> of all other specs that a general ThemingOverview page should 
>>> include. The page includes pieces from many people, I did not credit 
>>> nor do I take credit.  
>> "These are the notes and specifications I've accumulated from having 
>> completed 4-5 release designs." --Artwork/ReleaseGraphics
> Precisely...notes and specifications I've accumulated from having 
> completed 4-5 release designs.

I give up. You've completely obfuscated my points. Thanks.

Have a Merry Christmas.


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