Fedora Planet round 2

Máirín Duffy duffy at redhat.com
Sun Dec 24 05:20:39 UTC 2006

Hey John,

John Baer wrote:
> As usual the quality of your artwork is outstanding. Would it be
> possible to get a svg of Mola's background.

Thanks (*-o-*) Re: Mola's source artwork, I don't know - Mola, you 
lurking around here? Mola is a real Blender expert so my guess is that 
it's a Blender file?

> For me to help out I also need to know the concept we are developing to.
> I did not see that anywhere.

Well, there never was a formal statement for Fedora Planet, but it seems 
to kind of follow the statement for Flying High - eg., the excellence of 
Fedora. Some things that folks in the community have read into it:

"The image really reflects the vast possibility of the Fedora Project."

"Im with the Fedora Planet because it punches the most meaningful theme 
to the user. Looking at it, the first thing that came out in my mind 
about fedora for its background that flashes the infinite spaces that 
unknown to us which exactly as same as the fedora's logo itself. The 
planet which fedora's logo in it also mark the global fedora which means 
that it will someday be the most OS uses in the world or far beyond."

So I guess a good bulleted list for Fedora Planet's concept would be:

- Infinite possibility (infiniteness of space)
- Globally focused - users and developers across the world (visuals of a 
- 'out-of-this-world' - a cutting edge distro (reaching new frontiers. 
seeking new life and.... er. </cpt kirk voiceover>)

I'll add this to the main planet page so it's documented. :) Does that help?

> Last, what is your vision of matching this theme to the RHGB. This is
> where I had the most trouble.

Well, offhand the one thought I had for RHGB was to have a large-ish 
planet in the lower right, an array of stars from the lower left to 
upper left to upper right. A planet is a simple enough shape that it 
would fit within the restrictions we've got for RHGB and the stars could 
break it out of the box a bit and make it look more interesting 
especially if arranged in a nice way.


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