Fedora logo modification license?

Máirín Duffy duffy at redhat.com
Fri May 5 14:25:57 UTC 2006

Richard Körber wrote:
>>This list is about creating icons, desktop backgrounds, and themes *for
>>Fedora.* That may involve use of the Fedora logo, but we don't modify
>>the Fedora logo. In general, modifying logos and repurposing them for
>>other brands is frowned upon as it weakens the original brand of the logo. 
> I understand the concerns about weakening the brand. This is why I am actually
> asking. Anyhow I am not trying to put up another brand. The site is about
> Fedora Core, and it is also non-commercial.

Well... my gut reaction is that's still pretty shaky territory. It would 
probably be best to hold off on using anything but a 'vanilla' Fedora logo until 
a Fedora brand book comes out. Probably the most authoritative answer will come 
when you hear back from the logo at fedoraproject.org people. :)

Do you have any alternate design ideas in mind? E.g., maybe have the fedora 'F' 
logo, and then have stylized b's next to it, but not inside the Fedora speech 

> I would also give the SVG file back to the Fedora community, of course.

Always appreciated. :)


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