Cataloguing & Converting Bluecurve Icons

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Tue May 23 06:10:25 UTC 2006

Máirín Duffy wrote:
> I think there is a real need to catalog these, in an Inkscape-compatible 
> SVG format, and make it easy for anybody to
> (1) grab the artwork they need
> (2) contribute changes / tweaks / improvements
> (3) contribute new icons

I don't have access to Illustrator, so if someone else can convert the 
.ai files to SVG i can help cleaning the results, breaking the icons in 
individual files etc.

> As I create new icons, I'll be putting them in the wiki, but... I don't 
> think that is especially scaleable, considering the number of icons we 
> have. Does anybody have any ideas as far as how we can catalog these 
> images nicely? Are there any FOSS photo gallery apps that maybe have 
> revision control built-in?

Not only that, it should also support our specific file types.
A gallery would be awesome, for a large number of icons search 
functionality will become important. Also we may want some kind of 
feedback (comments).

Unfortunately, the choice is very restricted: people in charge of the 
website infrastructure have a policy - no php is allowed, python is the 
preferred language, so the large majority of gallery software is out of 

> My first thought is to simply set up a svn or cvs repo with a nice web 
> frontend for people to browse & grab the icons... but I'm afraid setting 
> up svn/cvs and learning all that crap will be a big barrier to entry for 
> new artists. Maybe there is a web frontend for a revision control system 
> that lets you upload new revisions from your browser?

At the Open Clip Art Library we have the plan of using CreativeCommon's 
ccHost (, but we have to add SVG 
support before it can be used for the job. I think such a tool would be 
useful for Fedora Art, if not for icons at least for wallpapers.

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Open Clip Art Library:
my Fedora stuff:

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