Fedora logo guidelines problem

Máirín Duffy duffy at redhat.com
Mon Nov 6 22:53:47 UTC 2006

mola pahnadayan wrote:
> problem come from guidelines to design and create art for fedora, if you
> want to create background for fedora and want to add some effect to logo
> in logo guidelines hasn't define any rule for doing this on fedora logo
> like :

There is a definite tension between creative treatments of the logo and 
misuses of the logo that potentially damage the Fedora brand. But I 
think the usage guidelines are at least a good sane start, although I 
agree they do not allow for more creative treatments. The policy for the 
latter really is to send the example artwork to logo at fedoraproject.org 
to get it approved. This is not something you can easily write 
guidelines for; creative treatments I feel really need to be evaluated 
on a case-by-case basis.

You do understand why this is so important, right? We need the Fedora 
logo trademark to be defensible. If anybody is allowed to do whatever 
they want with it, then when someone really misuses the logo (tries to 
use it for another, unrelated project or manipulates it in a way 
degrading to the project) we'll have no grounds to defend ourselves if 
we'd allowed anyone to do whatever they wanted with the logo. You 
wouldn't want to see something like that happen, would you?

>         1. can't move fedora logo in Z axis. only must use create image
>         in 2D program , and can't not work in blender or other 3D
>         program.

This is fine as long as it's tasteful. I think it would be a rather 
unwise decision to grant carte blanche 'you can do whatever you want 
with the logo in 3d' without some context! There are a lot of ways one 
could manipulate the logo in 3D that would look great and a great many 
more that would look horrible. This is a dangerous precedent to open up. 
Something like this should be subject to approval on a case-by-case basis.

>         2. can't change fedora logo color in 2D ( Sample : can't not add
>         light effect on fedora logo because the color of logo has been
>         change )

We can't give folks carte blanche to change the colors of the logo to 
whatever they feel like. Once you change the colors, it's not the same 
logo. This is a very basic requirement of pretty much every brand I've 
ever worked with. I strongly disagree with changing this guideline.

>         3. You can't show Fedora logo at natural stuff like metal,
>         cloud, glass ,  ... ( like
>         http://people.redhat.com/dfong/icFedora/060712/fSky1.jpg )

I can think of many far less appealing manipulations of the Fedora logo 
using 'natural' textures. Don't make me whip out the Gimp to create an 
example - your eyes will bleed :)

> Idea :
>      A. I think for solve this problem must add some rules to logo
>         guidelines that if you use it too create background or some
>         other things you must regard that your design logo show this is
>         an alias of original fedora logo.

My suggestion would be to make it more clear within the guidelines that 
for more creative treatments of the logo, you must submit your work to 
logo at fedoraproject.org for approval before distributing it. I'm willing 
to add that if it would help.

>      B. Remove guidlines from fedora logo that any one can use any type
>         of it .

This is not possible, unfortunately, for the reasons stated above. Sorry.


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