Fedora logo guidelines problem

Máirín Duffy duffy at redhat.com
Wed Nov 8 02:06:17 UTC 2006

Hi Dimitris,

Dimitris Glezos wrote:
> O/H Máirín Duffy έγραψε:
>> There is a definite tension between creative treatments of the logo and
>> misuses of the logo that potentially damage the Fedora brand. But I
>> think the usage guidelines are at least a good sane start, although I
>> agree they do not allow for more creative treatments. The policy for the
>> latter really is to send the example artwork to logo at fedoraproject.org
>> to get it approved. This is not something you can easily write
>> guidelines for; creative treatments I feel really need to be evaluated
>> on a case-by-case basis.
> Máirín, I remember us talking about this in the past and concluding that we
> should improve the guidelines to include a logo suitable for dark backgrounds. A
> good candidate could be the logo already located at
> `/usr/share/gdm/themes/Bluecurve/rh_logo-header.png`, which looks OK on dark but
> also on light backgrounds because of the drop shadow.
> I can't seem to remember receiving any replies about this issue from the people
> responsible for this matter and I tried to find their names/emails on the wiki
> (and the recipients of the `logo` email alias), but with no luck (we should
> really put them on the wiki).

I brought up the issue to the marketing folks within Red Hat who are in 
charge of the Fedora logo guidelines. They agreed that our concerns 
about the guidelines are valid but didn't agree with all of our proposed 
solutions (eg the white outline). They said they would get back to me 
but didn't end up doing so - I take responsibility for not following up 
with them. I have messaged them again to see if they've thought any 
further on it and offered to mock up some proposals.

> Max mentioned in his last mail that "everything in Fedora takes a long time",
> and we can fix this "just by continuing to push through barriers when they come
> up". So we have a barrier here that needs to be pushed.

The quickest way to resolution on this is to make it as easy as possible 
for the blocking parties to push it through. This would involve *us* 
taking the existing guidelines, adding the proposed solutions that we 
need (version for a darker background, etc.), and show the work to the 
RH marketing folk to rubber stamp their approval on it. Makes their job 
easier and gets what we want done more quickly and everybody's happy 
(hopefully) :)


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