[FC7 theme proposal] Flying High with Fedora 7 - Round 1

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Tue Nov 21 11:43:35 UTC 2006

Le Mar 21 novembre 2006 12:33, John Baer a écrit :
> All,
> I added a couple of additional images to further expand the Flying High
> Theme "proof of concept". I am not suggesting these are candidates for a
> final product just starting points.
> With the talent of team I am sure this theme (or another) could evolve
> in ways I have not even considered. :)

Ok, some comments :

1. The problem I see with Try 1 is the art background has been widely
available on art sites for quite a long time, so it might not be perceived
as very original by users (or even worse as Fedora freeloading other art).
Try 2 is better in this regard, but a bit too basic at this stage

2. The balloon logo really evoques more a lightbulb than a balloon, maybe
the basket part could be reworked a bit

3. The fedora mark on the anaconda mockup is clearly artificial

That being said, there's clearly a lot of potential in the idea. It needs
to be coordinated colour-wise with the theme & icon effort

Nicolas Mailhot

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