New Fedora Theme (GTK2+Metacity) (Download, Fixed index.theme)

Leo sdl.web at
Fri Nov 24 15:00:39 UTC 2006

Dear Andrea,

On Saturday, 18 Nov 2006, Andrea Cimitan wrote:

> Here it is...
> Requires "Murrine Gtk2 Engine" version 0.31 otherwise you will have no
> gtk2 look.
> Please use with the added metacity.
> Notes:
> Under development... It's just a simple theme to see Murrine
> capabilities...
> To customize the look you can do in two ways:
> 1)Install Murrine configurator and edit with the GUI (recommended):
> 2)If you want less roundness edit gtkrc of the theme and set roundness
> to 3 (clearlooks roundness) or 0,1 to a squared one.
> set glazestyle = 1 for a "curved" hilight on glaze instead flat ones.
> See attachments for the archive.
> Best Regards
> -- 
> Cimi - Andrea Cimitan

Thank you very much for providing this theme. Would you clarify these
questions so that the discussion might be continued?

- Are you willing to work on improving this theme according to the
  feedback from list users?

- Or, would you like someone else to work on this as a starting point
  with your technical support?

Thanks again for your support of Fedora.


sdl Dot web AT gmail DOT com

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