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Leo sdl.web at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 13:17:22 UTC 2006

Hi all,

>From various replies, I notice people are focusing on the fact that
Echo is not finished and we should wait and see. There is possibility
that miracle can happen and we all want Fedora to have a popular yet
unique look. However, could you try to estimate how much time we need
to get it ready for Fedora 7 based on the number of people working on
it? I quite doubt Echo can make it within Fedora 7 time frame.  As
pointed out by David, inconsistency are one of the major issues.

Usability experts, could you point out what needs to improve in Echo?
Look at the current set of icons, try to use it on your desktop¹. My
experience seems to tell me, they are not as easy on the eyes as
Bluecurve or Tango. Designing icons without palette and guidelines
would work well when there is only one contributor. We should set at
least some very basic guidelines if we expect all contributed icons to
roughly have the same level of quality and fit well together.

Tango being a freedesktop project detached from any distributions will
be adopted by all upstream developers sooner or later not to mention
there are already quite a few software websites using tango
icons. Designing Echo without a mind to make it compatible with Tango,
we are risking ourselves to have an inconsistent look the day Echo is
out. And it would requires so much more work on designing icons for
big apps such as OOo etc if we do care to deliver a consistent desktop

If people could look objectively at the current status of Echo, and
make a doable plan for Fedora 7, I think that would be best.

¹  yum --enablerepo=development install echo-icon-theme

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