Fedora Backgrounds

Ifeoma Onuorah onuorah_ifeoma at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 28 04:46:10 UTC 2006

Heyllo everyone!
   I feel like I'm kinda destracting from all the
busyness that has been going on here during the past
few weeks but I just wanted to share a new sketch I
made for a possible fedora background. Again i must
apologize, because I'm not very good at Illustrator
yet and have yet to produce anything worht sharing but
I do draw and sketch and I figured :" hey why not
share the sketch". I previously created a bowling ball
background which I believe Andy Fitz added to and made
a GREAT background. I'm also working on some
minimizations for Echo theme so hopefully I can help
the set development move along.. Anyway here is my
sketch.. hope all like it. I'm doing a couple more
pool backgrounds.. but this is the first of a few..
enjoy ! :)



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