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Re: Tweaking the FC6 Theme

John Baer wrote:
Tweaking the FC6 Theme

Hats off to Diana and others, great work on the FC6 theme. For those who
may have missed this the folks at DistroWatch liked what they saw.


It is claimed to be dark, satanic, gothic, death metal and futuristic ;-)

Yep. Its almost pitch black esp in top left. If you enter a wrong password on the GDM, the message is misaligned too far to the left.


I assume items such as the above can still be remedied under the "Only
critical bugs fixed" clause.

Yep you guys got a free reign for the FC6 release since the freeze process doesnt include artwork yet but we will lockdown earlier in FC7 so get your stuff ready and perfect before the test2 release.

If this is true I suggest for those who can install "Test-3" or the DNA
theme in their current environment we provide feedback based on the
hardware (video card/monitor) we are running.

Again if this is true, Diana how would you prefer to receive this
information; list server or wiki page?

I plan to down load Wednesday night :)


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