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Martin Sourada martin.sourada at
Wed Apr 18 19:53:13 UTC 2007

Martin Sourada napsal(a):
> Matthias Clasen napsal(a):
>> I've used Charlies script and included svgs in yesterdays echo snapshot.
>> Please give it a try.
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> Hi, all
> I just updated the echo icon set and discovered that not all svgs have square
> dimensions, so they look a little stretched. I noticed it for example for the
> cut, copy and paste icons. Is there any way how to check (other than opening all
> the icons, one by one, and manualy checking which one are problematic) which
> ones exactly suffer this problem, so that we could easier fix it?
> Thanks,
> Martin
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Well, and that's not the only problems. Some of the svg icons aren't displayed
at all (e.g. folder-remote) and some are displayed wrongly - see the attached
selections from screen-shot. There is far more problems than that - these are
just a quick random selection.

I try to summarize the problems I saw so far in some points:
1. some icons are not square-sized (e.g. cut, paste, copy)
2. some icons are not displayed correctly (e.g. cut - the scissors)
3. some icons are not displayed at all (e.g. folder-remote)
4. most svg icons look slightly different from their png counterparts (IMO,
mostly because inkscape lacked blur feature in the past)
5. gnome seems to prefer svgs over pngs even in big sizes (e.g. in nautilus).
Does it display them in bigger size than 48x48?

BUT, apart from these problems the idea with including SVGs is very good, most
of the icons without the problems listed above really improved their look in
small sizes.


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