Including scalable icons to improve size coverage

Matthias Clasen mclasen at
Tue Apr 17 02:18:48 UTC 2007

Today I looked at shipping svgs with echo-icon-theme to improve the
coverage and avoid size gaps where we don't have hand-tuned small sizes

Unfortunately, doing this blows up the size of the tarball to 70M (after
bzipping !). Looking at some of the large (>500k) icons, I notice a
couple of things:

a) they seem to mostly be created with Illustrator

b) they include a jpeg thumbnail

c) they include a huge binary chunk called  
   <i:pgf id="adobe_illustrator_pgf">

It would be very valuable if someone could work on a little script to 
get rid of the thumbnails and the illustrator-specific stuff. That 
should allow us to shrink the svgs _a lot_ and make it possible to
include them in the package, which is not possible as things stand right


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