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Re: Cleaning svg icons report

Luya Tshimbalanga napsal(a):
> It will be nice to keep track the svg icons each members have modified
> so far. Here is mine along with tarball available[1]:
> - applications-internetL.svg
> applications-office24.svg
> drive-harddiskL.svg
> edit-pasteL.svg
> folderL.svg
> folder-remoteL.svg
> format-justify-centerL.svg
> globeL.svg
> go-down24.svg
> go-downL.svg
> go-downS.svg
> go-homeL.svg
> go-homeS.svg
> go-up24.svg
> go-upS.svg
> media-opticalL.svg
> network-transmitL.svg
> network-transmit-receiveL.svg
> software-update-available24.svg
> software-update-availableL.svg
> software-update-download24.svg
> software-update-downloadL.svg
> software-update-error24.svg
> software-update-errorL.svg
> software-update-unavailable24.svg
> software-update-unavailableL.svg
> software-update-urgent24.svg
> software-update-urgentL.svg
> system-shutdown24.svg
> system-shutdownS.svg
> system-software-update24.svg
> system-software-updateL.png
> system-software-updateL.svg
> system-software-updateS.svg
> system-standby24.svg
> system-standbyL.svg
> system-standbyS.svg
> Can anyone report what svg they fixed?
> [1]http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/LuyaTshimbalanga/Sandbox

Are you cleaning all icons? I mean, the list of icons, does it mean icons you
stripped using the script, or list of icons you resaved in inkscape, or
something else? I noticed there an icon of mine (go-home[L/S].svg) which was
displayed correctly in nautilus even in the version I posted to the wiki (and
displayed correctly in the echo-icon-theme package where stripped svgs were
included). If the list is of the icons you fixed using inkscape, I think, we
should focus, at least at the beginning, primarily at the icons that suffer from
some display problems (where some of the listed does not)...


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