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need your help for covering Linuxtag in Germany

Hi list,

please let me introduce myself in short words ...
My name is Gerold and I'm one of the responsible Ambassadors in Germany
who'll cover and organize Linuxtag in Germany which is one of the world
greatest Open Source Event since a couple of years with over 10.000
visitors in a week ...

It hurts me, to hear from Max, that Diana Fong is no longer  available
for us because in the past I did many things with her and her help was
much appreciated by all of us.
But life goes on and now I have to deal with you and I'm also sure that
I get your outstanding help with my issue!

In approx. four weeks (one week after official launch of F7) we have the
European greatest event in the capital of Germany (in Berlin) and we
need your help.
have a look at www.linuxtag.org and also

Please let me explain our ideas:

- We want to make a folded small brochure in Size A4; on the front page
the F7 baloon with the letters "Fedora 7 is here" and our booth number
"Halle 12 Stand 73" some other smaller F7 artworks would be nice ...

- We want to have a not-version specific banner high formatted for use
on many other exhibitions let's say 2 mtr high and 1 mtr. width

Hope you can answer soon.



Gerold Kassube
Fedora Ambassador

Deutschland / Germany
Schweiz / Switzerland
Email: GeroldKa fedoraproject org

1024D/F33128B9   4ABC A903 F1F4 D9CC C422 AACA EDF1 DF42 F331 28B9

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