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Re: FC7ThemeProposalEnergyInterferences

John Baer wrote:
Nicu wrote:
Each time this came into discuss, the majority of *contributors*
opted for a personalized icon theme and were against using Tango directly as-is, use at least a variant of Tango (as Mairin replied).


This is exactly what I suggest. In fact I am using a modified Tango icon
set on my computer and by changing the *folder* icon the presentation is
completely changed.

Back when we were talking about Bluecurve I proposed to refresh it by changing a few very visible icons, starting with the folder. So we are in agreement here.

I placed an example titled *Fedora Folders* here.


Sorry, but this is the Vista folder icon. If we change the folder icon it should remain consistent with the rest of the theme: perspective, colors, outline, highlight, shadow.

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