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Icons for FC7

I changed the subject of this thread as it seems to be heading in a new direction. :)

Nicu wrote:
John Baer wrote:
> Nicu wrote:
>> Each time this came into discuss, the majority of *contributors*
>> opted
>> for a personalized icon theme and were against using Tango directly
>> as-is, use at least a variant of Tango (as Mairin replied).
> +1
> This is exactly what I suggest. In fact I am using a modified Tango icon
> set on my computer and by changing the *folder* icon the presentation is
> completely changed.

Back when we were talking about Bluecurve I proposed to refresh it by
changing a few very visible icons, starting with the folder. So we are
in agreement here.

> I placed an example titled *Fedora Folders* here.
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/JohnBaer

Sorry, but this is the Vista folder icon. If we change the folder icon
it should remain consistent with the rest of the theme: perspective,
colors, outline, highlight, shadow.



The folders I posted were simply examples and was not meant to be a submission. :)

If the team is in agreement and there is time to accomplish this for FC7 the first decision to agree to is the base theme. The two mentioned are Tango and Bluecurve. Are there others?

The second decision the team needs to agree on are the icons to be *refreshed*. IMO less is more.

Last, what is the deadline.

IMO this effort is not an attempt to change any of the current development of *echo* but rather provides additional time to grow and mature the project.

Does anyone know why we shouldn't go forward with this?


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