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Re: Flying High with Fedora 7

John Baer wrote:

Still trying to stay 3-D and bold, I posted a new wallpaper with no
monolith for your consideration. Let me know your thoughts and thank you
for your comments.


Well, at least my friends doesn't refer to it as the gravestone theme anymore. However, now the blue blowtorch flame like thing in the center gets a bit too dominating, at least at the bottom close to the cloud where it almost looks like a solid blue body.

Another thing, the image is very static (with or without monolith). You divide the screen equally in a right and a left part. If we expect users to use whatever artifacts we put in the background as landmarks for finding icons, that would be easier if we had a slight asymmetry. This is how our brain works, and probably why you often see golden cut size relations in art.
A slight asymmetry often feels  more dynamic and interesting.

I would also suggest making the balloons a bit larger. That way icons will be easier to spot. They would also be large enough to provide landmarks for navigation instead of the blue flame, in case you removed it.

Another suggestion is to change the places of the balloons, so that the lower balloon is centered (with respect to left/right axis) somewhere close to the clouds , where the flame is now. That way you would avoid the exact divide in two equal left and right side of the screen. I would also suggest that you flip the position of the balloons so that the upper balloon is the rightmost one. That way it would probably also look better together with the normal computer and trash icons you normally have to the left side of the screen. In other words the screen image including standard icons would look more balanced.

If you decide to keep the flame, does it have to go up at 90 degree angle to the clouds? By tilting it a little e.g. to the right, you would get a more dynamic looking image, that looked less like the start of a nuclear attack. By placing one balloon in front of the flame
and one behind it you could increase the sense of depth in the image.

Uno Engborg

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