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Re: Flying High with Fedora 7

John Baer wrote:

I hope I am not wallpapering all of you to death but IMO it is critical
to get the wall paper correct. Struggling with the direction *monolith*
idea I decided to try something from my original thoughts and the hot
air balloons in the clouds.

Given the chance to start over I also decided to *lighten* the colors as
requested early on. The theme is not a bold as the *monolith* thread but
it works.

I welcome your comments.




The clouds wallpaper looks VERY good. Almost no small details that could hide icons. Yet, enough detail to provide landmarks to memorize icon positions. It's lighter this means less contrasts between the desktop and document windows that usually are light in color. This means less strain on the
eyes.  And above all, it looks beautiful and discrete in the same time.

Now it would be nice if the lighter blue color of the "Clouds" wallpaper could rub off on other
parts of the GUI, e.g. such as login screen.

Uno Engborg

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