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[FC7 theme proposal] Fedora Borealis - Round 2

I've done another set with wallpaper, GDM, GRUB and GNOME splash. It's
entitled "Borealis Clifftop" and is based on my Simple Night with a
little more... subject?

It's at the bottom of
for your consideration and comments since it's eveloved a little from
Marian's orgiginal ideas.

On 08/01/07, Nicu Buculei <nicu_fedora nicubunu ro> wrote:
Also, the best is to use a development version of Inkscape, otherwise it
will not render the blur effects.

I'm now using the packaged version of Inkscape, 0.45pre1 built 20/01/07.
It's fantastic. Excluding huge slowdown after about an hour of use, I
find it more stable, too.

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