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Re: one echo icon on kde toolbar

On 04/02/07, Chitlesh GOORAH <chitlesh fedoraproject org> wrote:
I guess for kde, there must be 22x22 icons and symbolic links should
be treated properly.

To scale down by two pixels, a script or automation would be safe to
use for the entire set IMO.

The Echo page has 16/24/48 icons, KDE directories list
16/22/32/64/48/128 as well as the scalable SVGs: I'm not sure which
KDE actually uses most, I assume 16, 22 and 48. Can anyone clear that
up for me?

Also, it's good to make a backup of kmenu.png to something like
kmenu2.png and copy the corresponding Fedora F logo from the Bluecurve
ones as kmenu.png. It makes it fit a little nicer and should be
packaged when Echo reaches KDE.

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