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Re: Unfavorable Distro-Watch Report

On 2/5/07, David Zeuthen wrote:
So I think Qt/KDE, or the Fedora packaging needs to be fixed instead and
I don't think it's that hard. Chitlesh, any chance you can look into
this? Thanks.

Surely I'll have a look in the upcoming days. However we still have to
consider that in kde we have more possibilities to change the size of
kicker in whatever size we want. Hence we have to ship different icon

I have also noticed that using the ctrl_key+mouse_wheel to change the
size of the contents on any folders (accessibility), the icons change
if the related icons are of particular size aren't included.

there are other apps who need more sizes too
see https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-art-list/2007-January/msg00151.html

Everytime when representing fedora on any event, there is always one
disabled person who ask me about the options that fedora ship in terms
of accessibility. I wish I could now say that fedora can be an OS for
them too, instead of being speechless in front of them.


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