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Re: Unfavorable Distro-Watch Report

Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:

For what I
observe on several forum, users welcome the change of icons. Despite the heavy

Of course they do, *any* change is a plus, Bluecurve is really showing its age. It was nice and served us well but we should put it to rest at some point.

schedule (real life sucks sometime), I do my best to work hard to the
development of echo. New icons are available but xml list needs to be updated.

To my shame, I worked only on very few icons.

Sources to modify the icons are available : SVG. I am not sure what else is
missing for further push the development.

A lot of things are needed:
- clear guidelines: developing Echo is hard, icons have a certain perspective, complex shapes, surfaces are filled with gradients, objects have lighting and shadows and all those are *not* documented, so for a new icon you have to study the other and guess. For example I can't submit an Echo color palette upstream to Inkscape because there is no one (but they have a Tango palette). - no one is pushing Echo. Look at Tango Fridays: one day each week they get together and create icons. Pushing also means advertise: blog about the theme development, post on forums, write on the mailing list. And submit on your own icons to upstream applications, just as Tango people do. - as I already said, creating Echo icons is not easy so new contributors with little experience will need advices, help and guidance, otherwise the number of contributors will remain small. - indeed, we have the sources as SVG, but have you looked at the source of the majority of icons? Is horrible and bloated, made with Adobe Illustrator, so the first thing when you work on a derivative is to clean the initial icon. With all those said and few other I missed at the moment I personally do not have big faith in Echo.

I really wonder if Mairin departure from leadership to the development of GNOME
really impact some people here. Perhaps we need that.

Too bad that we make good people turn away when exactly the opposite is needed.

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