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Re: Unfavorable Distro-Watch Report

On 2/6/07, Luya wrote:

Bah, this is only a test release intended to retrieve more bugs as possible. I
have learn to take negative review as a way to improve the distribution.
Contributions now know the weak point too fix.


The problem with a review is you don't know who will read it. Perhaps potential new Fedora user who will now look for something better. Worst, some may decide FC7 is not worth testing.

> I was not aware the decision on the icon set had been made. Is *echo* really
> ready for prime time?

*rant on *
I participated to the inclusion of echo-icon-theme on rawhide by default. As
David indicated, it was on October that the decision was made and I put the
announcement for the availability of echo-icon-them on Rawhide. For what I
observe on several forum, users welcome the change of icons. Despite the heavy
schedule (real life sucks sometime), I do my best to work hard to the
development of echo. New icons are available but xml list needs to be updated.
Sources to modify the icons are available : SVG. I am not sure what else is
missing for further push the development. *rant off*

Based on the above comment, I am assuming you are the owner of this effort. I did not know that. I quickly searched the wiki and the only *echo* page which displayed your name was *EchoProblem*.  If you are not the owner, who is?

I really wonder if Mairin departure from leadership to the development of GNOME
really impact some people here. Perhaps we need that.

As I stated before, creating an icon theme IMO is a huge effort. Information should be flowing on a very regular bases communicating (listserv, forum, irc) it's status and direction. The owner is the advocate of the effort and assumes this responsibility.

In conclusion, my concern is the number of missing icons I see on the *echo* wiki page.  If the artwork is missing or substituted, a bugzillia report will not be of much help.

However, if *echo* is ready and others agree then let's proceed on.


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