Echo coverage

Matthias Clasen mclasen at
Fri Feb 9 05:56:10 UTC 2007

 I looked over  the panel menus to see how well Echo covers these very 
visible icons. Here is a list
of missing icons with their names:

Applications>Programming          gnome-devel
Applications>System               preferences-system
Applications>Other                gnome-other
System>Preferences                gnome-settings
System>Preferences>Personal       user-info
System>Preferences>Look And Feel  preferences-desktop
System>Preferences>Hardware       preferences-desktop-peripherals
System>Preferences>System         preferences-system
System>Administration             redhat-system_settings

Application icons
Archive Manager                   file-roller
Character Map                     gucharmap
Dictionary                        gnome-dictionary
Screenshot                        applets-screenshooter

Configuration Editor              gconf-editor
Bluetooth File Sharing            blueradio-48
File Manager                      file-manager
Keyring Manager                   stock_keyring
Software Updater                  pup
Add/Remove Software               pirut

About Me                          user-info
Input Method                      im-chooser
Keyboard Accessibility            gnome-settings-accessibility-keyboard
Keyboard Shortcuts                gnome-settings-keybindings
Preferred Applications            gnome-settings-default=applications
Volume Control                    gnome-mixer
Desktop Effects                   desktop-effects
Font                              gnome-settings-font
Menus & Toolbars                  gnome-settings-ui-behaviour
Theme                             gnome-settings-theme
Windows                           gnome-window-manager
Bluetooth Preferences             stock_bluetooth
Network Proxy                     stock_proxy
Personal File Sharing             apacheconf
Remote Desktop                    gnome-remote-desktop
Keyboard                          gnome-dev-keyboard
PalmOS Devices                    gnome-palm
Screen Resolution                 display-capplet
Sound                             gnome-mixer
Power Management                  gpm-power-charged
Sessions                          session-properties
Main Menu Editor                  alacarte

Shut down                         gnome-shutdown

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