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Re: Flying High with Fedora 7

John Baer skrev:

I uploaded a new GDM login submission to

http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/FC7Themes/Fc7ThemeProposalFlyingHighRound2?action=show <http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/FC7Themes/Fc7ThemeProposalFlyingHighRound2?action=show>

for your consideration. I borrowed the wallpaper image, removed the balloons, and darken the clouds to provide a transition from the RHGB to the wallpaper. After thinking about it I would like to keep the *login* widget as I re-use it in the ScreenSaver unlock graphic.

As I said in a previous letter, it looks very good. I'm not sure the darkening of the clouds better cope with the transition from the RHGB is all that necessary. After all, I guess, most people will log in and out without rebooting the computer, so they will only see the transiton between the ordinary desktop and the GDM screen.

On the other hand, it looks good, so I'd say don't change it. I must admit, I didn't even notice that it was darker until I compared them side by side.

Uno Engborg

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