A sad day for Fedora, A disappointment for Open Source

John Baer baerjj at gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 00:39:02 UTC 2007

Nicu wrote:
> Ok, I hope I qualify as "someone".
> I directed you some days ago at http://www.isity.net/blog/?p=57
> Development on the Fedora 7 theme is ongoing but not on this list but 
> behind some closed doors and we are not invited to the party.

This is truly a sad day for Fedora and a disappointment for the
community of Open Source.

If Fedora did not want our help simply state it, close down the list
server, call it good. Diana certainly has the skill and talent to do the
artwork and obviously doesn't need our help.

Letting this sham go on for months while folks invest their time and
honest effort is completely contrary to the spirit of open source. 

To add insult to injury all of the time we are working on artwork Fedora
launches "echo" in RC1 although the decision on artwork is pending and
many would agree the "echo" project is incomplete and not tested. 

It sounds to me there are personal agendas playing out and those agendas
have nothing to do with open source and the community of fedora.

At this point the only thing left to do is make up excuses and assign



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